Directors 2020-2021

Chris Poirier-Skelton (Chairperson)

Don Gunn (Treasurer)

Bhupinder Dulku

Paul de Greeff

Mariel Hernandez

Elaine McVie

Shradha Nanda

Rosemary Neering

Peter Ostergaard

Alastair Wade

Joan Wenman

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The GHRA works to improve the quality of life for the residents of Gordon Head.

The GHRA monitors and evaluates all plans for rezoning and the subdivision of lots in the area.

We consult with land owners and neighbours and respond to requests from the Saanich Planning Department about the appropriateness of proposed developments. Representatives of the Association speak at meetings of Saanich Council when development proposals come up for approval.

The GHRA responds to requests from residents for information and assistance in dealing with issues involving the municipality.

The Association sponsors and/or supports community events such as Music in The Park and All Candidates Meetings.

We monitor traffic in the area, respond to residents concerns and consult with Saanich about vehicular, cycle and pedestrian Issues.

Remembering Barbara Tabata

November 29,1933 - December 4, 2020

As a Board member on the Gordon Head Residents’ Association for more than 20 years, Barbara was a pillar of the Association. She tirelessly served the community with passion, knowledge, dedication and concern for the safety of the residents of Gordon Head.

Barbara was always available to listen to residents’ concerns and to suggest remedies to Saanich staff which were practical, reasonable and always accompanied with a smile.  There probably hasn’t been a development in Gordon Head in the last 20+ years that she didn’t scrutinize for effects on traffic, and so became known to a succession of Saanich engineers. Barbara’s logical and often persistent but always considerate and respectful, discussions with the municipality frequently resulted in resolution whether it was a properly lighted crosswalk, increased driver and pedestrian visibility, traffic pattern change or improvements to development proposals.

In addition, Barbara played a major role in recruiting and mentoring new board members, as well as participating in all the Association’s community activities such as Music in the Park.  Always kind and generous with her time, Barbara’s energy, positive attitude and friendship will be missed.