Welcome to Gordon Head: A Guide for Renters

We are glad you found a home in Gordon Head. Here are some tips to help you be a welcome part of our community.

Parking: It can be difficult to find a  parking space on many Gordon Head streets while keeping them safe for pedestrians and children. To avoid fines, do not park in a bike lane or on a boulevard (a boulevard is that area between the street and a property line.) And there are limits to where you can park in a roadway, since parked vehicles must not obstruct traffic. Saanich has hired new bylaw officers to enforce parking bylaws. Want more information? Go to:


Motor oil: We live on a watershed which means that all the water and rain that falls here ends up in the beaches and streams we all enjoy. If your car is dripping motor oil, it is important to clean it up and fix the leak. This keeps our trails and critters happy.

Noise: Parties and loud music are fun, but it's not so much fun for those who want to sleep or just enjoy their surroundings undisturbed. Be considerate: noise complaints and police visits are no fun for anyone. Use headphones or make sure the music is not so loud that it disturbs the neighbourhood. More information:


Garbage and Recycling: Sometimes it's hard to know what gets recycled, what is organic garbage and what gets thrown away and ends up in the dump. The blue box is for clean, hard plastic; newspapers and other paper; recyclable glass and other materials (please separate glass from other materials). Check out https://www.crd.bc.ca/service/waste-recycling/schedules-app for information and to discover your recycling pickup days. Or ask a neighbour: be part of the community. Anything you can eat or grow is organic waste and goes in the green bin; other garbage in the grey bin. https://www.saanich.ca/EN/main/community/utilities-garbage/garbage-organics-recycling.html gives you all the information on garbage. And always remember to reduce your waste!

Reuse and recycle: leaving town and have appliances, furniture or other useful items you need to get rid of? Don't throw them out: trek them over to the UVic Student Society Free Store , or donate them to WIN, a local cooperative that helps women in need. Avoid dumping on the street.

Having problems with your rented space? Illegal, inadequate or poorly maintained rental spaces are a problem for everyone. Contact your landlord, or Saanich bylaw officers. For more about your renter rights, get in touch with Greater Victoria Housing Society at https://greatervichousing.org/tenants/current-tenants/. RentSmart, rentsmarteducation.org, also shares many ways to maintain a good relationship with your landlord and your community

Above all, get to know your neighbours. Let's make this a real community space for everyone.

Here are some local clubs and resources to get you connected.

-Free groceries for UVic students: https://uvss.ca/foodbank/

     For Camosun students: https://camosunstudent.org/services/foodbank/

-Gym, pool, and classes: https://www.saanich.ca/EN/main/parks-recreation-community/facilities-schedules-fees/facilities/gordon-head-recreation-centre.html

-Soccer league: https://baysunited.ca/

-Seeds and gardening tips: https://www.facebook.com/uvicccgarden/

Gordon Head Residents' Association – Everyone who lives or works in Gordon Head is a member. Send an email to contact@gordonhead.ca with “subscribe” in the subject, line to get on our mailing list for notices and announcements. To become a voting member (you can then vote on questions that arise at the AGM or other special meetings), join via https://www.gordonhead.ca/the-association/membership-application.html. Membership costs $10 a year and helps to finance the association's activities.