Saanich Boulevard Tree Program


Saanich Council has adopted an Urban Forest Strategy (UFS) for our municipality. The Goal of the UFS is to “Protect and Enhance the Urban Forest Canopy”. In order to accomplish this goal, Saanich Parks will partner with the community to plant trees on boulevards.

Why are trees important:

Trees play an important role in the environment in our neighbourhoods. They filter air and water, create shade, provide habitat for birds and other animals. They slow winds and storm water runoff. Creating urban forests contributes to the social well-being of Saanich by making our streets more pleasing and attractive. Urban forests moderate local climate, shading homes and businesses, thus conserving energy and reducing the “urban heat island” effect.

How do boulevard trees benefit homeowners:

Trees act as sound absorbers, attract songbirds, reduce air pollution, well selected and healthy trees increase the curb appeal of your home and thus your property value. An added bonus is that a tree lined street will slowdown and calm traffic.

What is the cost of planting a boulevard tree:

Through this program, the homeowner receives a tree on their boulevard frontage at no cost. Saanich staff will plant, stake and mulch the tree. All we ask is that the bordering property owner, water the tree during the months of May – October to ensure the tree establishes itself.

How do you get involved:

If you would like to help grow the urban forest and beautify your street by sponsoring a Saanich Partnership Tree please:

Look up your address on the Saanich GIS map and review the location of underground utilities.  This can be done by following this link . 

Once you have located your property please use the drop down menu on the right hand side to bring up All utilities under the All Available layers tab.

Review the boulevard and park tree setbacks document below to make sure there's adequate room to plant a tree.

Review the Saanich preferred boulevard tree list to help guide your tree choice (s)

Complete the Saanich boulevard tree planting partnership application 

If at any time during the process you require assistance please contact your Gordon Head Residences Association representative for more information.

Do residents have a choice in selecting tree species?

Saanich Parks is committed to the principle of planting the right tree in the right place. What this means is it is important when selecting a tree to have a look around to make sure that when the tree matures it will not conflict with various objects such as: your house; driveways; pathways; outbuildings; other hard objects on your property; underground or above ground utilities such as sewer lines, storm drains, water lines, gas lines, power lines, telephone lines, fibre optic lines or hard infrastructure on the boulevard such as: sidewalks, bike lanes or curb and gutters.

Follow the links below to get more information:

                                        Boulevard Tree and Park Tree Setbacks.pdf

                                        Saanich Preferred Boulevard Tree Selection List.pdf

                                        Boluevard Tree Application Form.pdf

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